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April 16, 2013
April 2013
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JSF 2.x Expression Language (EL) Implicit Objects
applicationThis provides user access to the ApplicationContext implementation of ServletContext that represents a web application's execution environment.
Note: This is not related to the JSF Application object.
applicationScopeMaps application-scoped variable names to their values.
ccImplicit EL object that provides access to the JSF Composite Component. cc refers to the top level composite component processed at the time of evaluation
componentImplicit EL object representing javax.faces.component.UIComponentfor the current component.
cookieMaps a cookie name to a single cookie.
facesContextThe FacesContext instance for the current request.
flashProvides user access to the EL implicit javax.faces.context.Flash object. It may additional obtained via #{facesContext.externalContext.flash}. The implementation must ensure that the flash is usable from both JSP and from Facelets for JSF 2.
headerMaps a request header name to a single value.
headerValuesMaps a request header name to an array of values.
initParamMaps a context initialization parameter name to a single value.
paramMaps a request parameter name to a single value.
paramValuesMaps a request parameter name to an array of values.
requestEL implicit object for current request.
requestScopeMaps request-scoped variable names to their values.
resourceEL implicit object for javax.faces.application.ResourceHandler.
sessionProvides EL access to the current HttpSession object.
sessionScopeMaps session-scoped variable names to their values.
viewProvides access to the javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot for the current instance.
viewScopeMaps view-scoped variable names to their values.